We are a family oriented Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club that includes first responders, military personnel, and like minded civilians who respect and abide by our moral code of ethics.  As such all members must understand that their actions, positive or otherwise, reflect upon the Defenders Motorcycle Club on both the local and national levels, as well as on the entire law enforcement community.  Our goal is to maintain an exemplary image which will promote good will toward the motorcycling community and society as a whole.

Our association with other clubs and individuals is based on their observance of values comparable with the Professionalism of Law Enforcement.  Therefore, our members shall not associate with members of any clubs or individuals that do not share these values.  Nor shall they engage in any real or perceived actions that will bring disrespect, dishonor or disrepute on the DMC or the law enforcement community.  We are a “Brotherhood of One” that respect ALL the laws of this nation and shall not waiver in our beliefs.