• In the earlier part of 2004, in Naples, FL the founding members rode with another LE/MC. These members did not like the direction of the club was heading and requested a meeting with the national board. The meeting got heated at times and these members were still not happy with what was going on. These members got up, took off there vests, cut off there colors, tossed them into a pile and walked away from this club.
  • Over the next few weeks these members held a meeting and decided they still enjoyed riding together. It was decided to start there own motorcycle club. After a few weeks the name Defenders LE/MC was born.
  • The next step was coming up with our center patch. Let the battle begin. Rebel offered a friend of his services who was a artist. With his help and input from the founding members he began putting it all together. The in fighting then started over the center patch. The fingers were not right or the gun was not right. They would approve the artist draft and in the same breath change stuff to the point the artist got pissed off and handed us a bill for his work. Rebel was able to calm his friend down and he took back the bill. The center patch was named LEO and was designed with our Badges - Police and Sheriff's badges to show we are Law Enforcement and carry the honor and obligation they represent, Duty Weapon- The side arm represents a tool of LEO's trade, Head Band - Represents the American Flag and its ideals we defend every day and the Skull - Reminds us of our brothers and sisters lost, as well as our own mortality and the risks all officers face every day.
  • The Mother Chapter of the Defenders LE/MC was born. Shortly, there after a chapter in Ft Myers was started.
  • In 2006, it was decided to form a National Board.
  • President Trespasser · Vice President Shark · Commander Ragz
  • Major Thumper · Lt At Arms Chubbs · Secretary Deuce · Treasurer Magnum

As of today we have opened (73).
1-Naples (Mother Chapter) Jun 2004, 2-Lee County Feb 2005, 3-Charlotte Apr 2006, 4-Tampa Jun 2006, 5-Jacksonville Nov 2006, 6-Boston May 2007, 7-Panama City Aug 2007, 8- Aiken Sept 2007, 9-Central Florida Jan 2008, 10-1st Georgia Feb 2008, 11-Golden Isles Jun 2008, 12-OZ Sept 2008, 13-Volunteer Oct 2008, 14-Smoky Mtn Oct 2008, 15-1st Missouri Feb 2009, 16-Tarheel Feb 2009, 17-1st Ohio Jun 2009, 18-South Jersey One Jun 2009, 19-Suncoast Aug 2009, 20-Pine Barons Oct 2009, 21-1st Penna Nov 2009, 22-Diamond Lakes Dec 2009, 23-Canopy Roads Jan 2010, 24-Dixie Thunder Jan 2010, 25-1st Alabama Jan 2010, 26-Sarasota Mar 2010, 27-TN Valley Apr 2010, 28-Chicago Apr 2010, 29-Oconee River May 2010, 30-Downeast Sept 2010, 31-Upstate Sept 2010, 32-Connecticut 1 Oct 2010, 33-High Plains Oct 2010, 34-Rocky Mountain Nov 2010, 35-1st Kentucky Dec 2010, 36-Palm Beach Feb 2011, 37-South Florida May 2011, 38-Black Swamp Jun 2011, 39-Mountaineer Jun 2011, 40-RI Original Jul 2011, 41-Treasure Coast Jul 2011, 42-Central Maine Aug 2011, 43-Music City Aug 2011, 44-Rocky Top Aug 2011, 45-Tri Cities Oct 2011, 46-1st Louisiana Nov 2011, 47-Jersey central Nov 2011, 48-Twin Pike Nov 2011, 49-Upper Cumberland Mar 2012, 50-Nebraska Five O Apr 2012, 51-Blue Ridge May 2012, 52-Crowleys Ridge May 2012, 53-Everglades May 2012, 54-Twin Cities Aug 2012, 55-Mason Dixon April 2013, 56-Little Havana Mar 2013, 57-Foothills May 2013, 58-Keys May 2013, 59-Powell River Jun 2013, 60-Space Coast Oct 2013, 61-Voo Doo Nov 2013, 62-Little Dixie Nov 2013, 63-First Capital Apr 2014, 64-River Valley Apr 2014, 65-Gateway May 2014, 66-Hawkeye Aug 2014, 67-G-Vegas May 2015, 68-Ozarks Jun 2015, 69-South Central Aug 2015, 70-Low Country Oct 2015, 71-Appalachian Apr 2016, 72-Shine Jun 2017, 73-Ft. Lauderdale

In 2006, Snoop replace Thumper as Major.

In 2007, Cat Daddy replaced Magnum as Treasurer.

In 2008, Snake replaced Shark as Vice-President.

In 2009, Snake replaced Trespasser as President.
Chubbs became Vice-President.
Snoop became Lt-At-Arms.
Bubba comes onto the board as the Major.

Our first National Rally was held in Lakeland, FL in 2009.
2010 Boston, MA
2011 Gatlinburg, TN
2012 Osage Beach,MO
2013 Gatlinburg, TN
2014 Tampa, FL
2015 New Orleans, LA
2016 Gettysburg, PA
2017 Gatlinburg
2018 Louisville, KY

In 2012, Taz replaced Deuce as Secretary.

In 2013, Tank replaced Ragz as Commander.

In 2010, we held our first Presidents meeting in Townsend, TN .

In 2011, we held it in Dublin, Ga. It was then decided to hold the Presidents meeting during the National Rally.

In 2011, The Defender Emergency Relief Fund (DERF) was formed. DERF funds are used to assist members and associates who are involved in a motorcycle accident, get sick during club business or pass away.

In 2017, Chubbs steps down after 11 years faithful service on the National Board (2006-2009 Lt-At-Arms, 2009-2017 Vice-President).

Janurary 1st 2018, Snoop became Vice President and Houdini became Lt-At-Arms.

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  • president-snake

    I have been in law Enforcement for 30 years in the state of Florida. I am currently in the retirement program and look forward to finishing my career in a few years. I have been a member of the Defenders Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club since 2006 and have served on the National Board for the last 9 years. This club has been built on honesty, integrity, trust, morals and family values. We are proud of what we stand for and will NEVER waiver from our direction. We are PROUD to wear the “LE” on our backs and take it seriously.

  • vice president-snoop

    I was born and raised in New York on Long Island. I spent fourteen and a half years in The United States Marine Corps, I left the Marine Corps as a Captain settling in Florida, where I began working for the Naples Police Department in 1990 and helped create the Departments' first SWAT team. I retired from the Naples Police Department in 2005 and took a position as a Special Agent for The Florida Department of Law Enforcement. I’m currently assigned to the Miami Regional Office working in an Officer Involved Shooting/Violent Crime Squad. I spent three years as a member of the FDLE's Special Operations Team (SWAT).
    I am a founding member of the Defenders MC and ride a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

  • secretary-taz

    I was born and raised in Ohio and joined the Army in 1988 where my first assignment was to Germany during the end of the “Cold War” and the Berlin Wall coming down, I was also stationed at Fort Campbell. I retired with 20 years of service. I’ve worked with the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio and I’m currently with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office in Kansas.
    I met my wife Anne “Storm” Adams in 1996, married in 1998 and had a readymade family with 2 daughters and a son. I now have 6 grandchildren with the oldest Gage ‘Bumblebee” Brewer being an Apprentice with the OZ chapter.
    I joined the Defenders in September 2008 as a Charter Member and VP of the Oz Chapter. I became the National Quartermaster in 2009 and then National Secretary in 2012. I ride a 2017 HD Ultra CVO.

  • treasurer-catdaddy

    AI was born and raised in Texas. Left Houston and made the move to Ft Myers in 1986. When I arrived in Ft Myers I worked for the telephone company. Left the telephone company and went to work for The Newspress. While working at the Newspress, I went to school to get my EMT license. I went to work for Lee County EMS. I worked 10 years for EMS and retired to go to work in the building supply industry.

    I met and married my wife (Judy) in 1988. When I got married I had a ready made family with 3 kids. Our daughter is the oldest and 2 sons. All the kids are out and on their own. And now we have 2 grandkids. I'm (1) lucky grampa.

    I joined the Defenders in 2005. I held a road guard position and the position of Commander of the Lee County Chapter. I love being a part of The Defender Family. I ride a geezer glide Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.

  • commander-tank

    AI was born and raised in Rockwood, TN.  I joined the US Army in 1983, and was stationed at Fort Benning, GA where I completed Infantry and Airborne School. I spent my last 18 months on the DMZ at Camp Casey, Korea.  After I was Honorably Discharged from the Army, I attended Roane State Community College and completed my Associate degree in Criminal Justice.

    In November of 1988, I started working as a DOE Security Police Officer.  In 1996, I was laid off and went to work for the Harriman Police Department as a patrolman until I was recalled by DOE in 1998. I remained a part-time officer with Harriman and then moved to the Roane County Sheriff Office as a deputy in 2006. Once I returned to DOE, I became a member of the Special Response Team (SRT) and have been serving on SRT for the last 15+ years. The last 2 years, I have served as a SRT Sergeant and am currently assigned to the Mobile Training Team as a SRT Instructor.

    I joined the Defenders in 2008 as the Sgt-At-Arms with the Knoxville chapter. I started the TN Valley chapter in 2010 as President. My beautiful wife, JuJu, joined with me in 2008 as an Associate and is very active in the club. She was a very big part of TN Valley’s success in putting on the National Rallies in 2011 & 2013.

  • major-bubba

    I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia when dirt was clean. I moved to New Jersey after my fathers Naval tour was completed. After working off and on for Dupont, I joined the Marine Corps and performed numerous duties as a Military Policeman, such as Patrolman, Desk Sgt., undercover with then NIS (now NCIS) and even undercover details with the Honolulu Police Department. I was Discharged and am considered a Disabled Vet, after a training incident resulted in numerous surgeries.

    I joined the Federal Bureau of Prisons and perform numerous duties that included DCT (Disturbance Control Team), SORT (Special Operations Response Team (SWAT), Medical transport (Air/Land) and Witness Protection Transports.

    My wife Charm and main support have 4 children, and most recently 1 grandchild! With the help of 6 Brothers we formed the Defenders South Jersey II Chapter. I enjoy riding my 2005 Police Bike with any Defender, meeting new Defenders and weightlifting.

  • lt. @ Arms-houdini

    I was born in Maine into a Navy family. My folks moved a few times until we settled outside of Washington DC where I enjoyed growing up on a farm raising horses and cattle. I began attended college in Ohio and eventually moved to Florida where I finished my BA Degree in Criminal Justice. I joined the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office in 1981 while attending school and was hired full time in 1984. I have a diverse background with stints in Patrol, Field Training, and Traffic Homicide. In addition I dedicated many years to the Canine Section and successful deployed 5 four legged partners. I am currently a Lieutenant and Dayshift Commander in Patrol. As a supervisor I managed a 120 man Special Incident Response Team, the Tactical Services Unit comprised of SWAT operators and oversaw the Gang Enforcement Section, Vice Section, Warrants Section, Civil Section and spent time assigned to the HCSO Legal Section overseeing a group of detectives.
    I am supported by my wife Michelle aka “Spitfire” who has continued to standby me for the last 25 years. I have two wonderful boys. One is a Deputy Sheriff working at HCSO and the other is a Junior in college. I also have a handsome grandson so I am blessed. Both Michelle and I are life members in the Club. I joined in September 2007. I have held the positions of Commander, Treasurer and Vice President in the Tampa Bay Chapter. I am the newest member of the National Board.
    I currently ride a 2018 Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra. Why do I own one? “Because nothing rides like a Glide!”


P.O. Box 1067 Bastrop, Texas 78602